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e-Residency and how it can open digital doors

vor 2 years | from admin
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Our Managing Director Dr. Benjamin Zeitler picked up his e-Residency in Berlin on May 5, 2022. Find out what e-Residency is, what benefits it brings and how you can become part of the digital nation in this blog.

In contrast to many other EU countries, every Estonian, regardless of where they live, has a state-issued digital identity - known as e-residency. In this context, Estonia is far ahead of all other countries and has found another, uncomplicated way to digitalize itself even more. 

In Estonia, anyone can use their ID card or smart ID to identify themselves digitally and use electronic services (see also the article on X-Road, X-ROAD - Estonia's blockchain-based data highway - Telescope effect). Estonia is also creating the possibility for people who are not citizens to apply for e-residency.

For example, e-residency can be particularly useful if you want to set up a company digitally. International start-ups benefit from this option and realize the dream of their own company regardless of location. 

We have shared many valuable administrative and operational insights from our partner Enterprise Estonia and our friends from Startup Estonia and EERICA as well as various successful e-residents and founders in 2021 in a Telescope Effect Startup Hub toolkit - "How Estonian e-Residency can help build a business 100% online". 

Our partner the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia has also supported this event and in cooperation with them, it is also possible to organize your apply for e-Residency (Link)

Registration: Application for e-Resident's digital ID (

Pickup location: Berlin

Once you have completed the application digitally (and entered Berlin as the pickup location), you can collect your e-Residency from the Estonian Embassy in Berlin.

This text was written in collaboration with Tim Wende, an employee of Volksbank Mittweida eG.