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Courage for the future: the Think Cross Orange Room

vor 3 years | from admin
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Cross-industry innovation thrives on talking to each other, learning from each other and joint support. In the virtual Orange Room, Think Cross initiator Dr. Bernhard von Mutius spoke with thought leaders and innovative SMEs about their current challenges.

The Think Cross Orange Room has conducted and continues to conduct very personal interviews with a number of innovative entrepreneurs from the SME sector. They tell us what is currently on their minds. In this second phase of the corona crisis, which is also ushering in a new phase of transformation. We find out more about the biggest challenges facing SMEs at this time and what the most promising solutions could be to survive the coronavirus winter. Cross. Innovative. Sustainable.

Supervisory board chairmen, CEOs, managing directors and managers talk about:

- Curated product ranges as a solution to customer problems

- Situational business model transformations from ongoing operations

- Openness and an outside perspective as an opportunity for SMEs

- the attractiveness of the corporate vision for employees

- New forms of employee management

- the understanding of ideas as a nucleus

- Discipline in innovation management

- The social contribution of SMEs

With their words, the thought leaders give courage for the future.

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