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Dr. Mandy Lange-Geisler

#Problem-solving miracle - keeps track of the chaos of numbers

Dr. Mandy Lange-Geisler

Mandy, our PhD mathematician with a specialization in machine learning. Her passion lies in data analysis across a wide range of application areas, where she not only uses standard procedures, but always develops innovative approaches tailored to the specific application. Her other area of expertise is risk analysis, in which she excels.

Mandy is known for providing advice and support in mathematical areas. She assists with problem analysis, project planning and evaluation, including the preparation of documentation and presentation of results. As a true #Problem-solving miracle she masters even the most complex issues with her abstract and logical thinking. Her work is characterized by the mathematical analysis, calculation and description of problems, whether in science or business. She uses a variety of mathematical methods and procedures, which she creatively modifies to solve practical problems.

This ability to adapt abstract methods to practical applications is not only a testament to her creativity in problem solving, but also to her extremely precise way of working. Mandy is a #Source of inspiration in the world of mathematics and data analysis. With her outstanding qualities, she contributes significantly to the success of TeleskopEffekt GmbH and enriches our ecosystem with her in-depth understanding and innovative solutions.

It is also #award winner of the Ingrid von Reyher Prizewhich fills us with pride!