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Our innovation forge in Mittweida

This is where the solutions of tomorrow are created. We make innovation and digitalization visible!


Our innovation forge in Mittweida

This is where the solutions of tomorrow are created. We make innovation and digitalization visible!

Welcome to Werkbank32 - your innovation center

A lively home for creative minds and visionary companies in Mittweida

TeleskopEffekt GmbH, in close cooperation with Volksbank Mittweida eG, has created Werkbank32, a unique place where the future and the past go hand in hand.

Our vision is itto strengthen the regional economy through innovation and digitalization and to establish Mittweida as a beacon of creativity and technological progress. Our goal is to establish Mittweida as a hotspot for innovation.

Are you ready to be part of this exciting journey and turn your visions into reality? Discover the opportunities offered by Werkbank32 and become part of our vibrant ecosystem.


Historical roots, modern visions: The revitalization of an old laundry gave rise to Werkbank32 - a symbol of how something new can grow out of the past.


Synergies in the ecosystem: We promote networking between start-ups, established companies, academic institutions and innovators from all over the world.


Space for growth: With flexible workspaces, coworking spaces and modern offices, we offer the infrastructure for creative work and successful business development.


Bringing innovation to life: Through workshops, seminars and the direct experience of digital technologies in our showroom, we make digitalization tangible and inspire new business models.


The workbench32 is more than just a building complex

- it is a dynamic place where ideas take shape, networks grow and the future is shaped.

  • Rent rooms: From the networking area and seminar rooms to the conference room - our premises are equipped with modern facilities and offer the right setting for every event.
  • Coworking: Our coworking space combines rural tranquillity with urban flair - ideal for anyone who wants to work in an inspiring atmosphere.
  • Rent offices: Start-ups and companies will find individual offices in Werkbank32 that enable creative and productive work.
  • Amsel & Telewerk: We support the digital transformation with special programs and offer space for innovative working models.
  • Markers Hub: A creative space for workshops and seminars where new ideas can be developed and company succession can be learned in a playful way.
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What exactly is the Werkbank32?

Werkbank32 is an innovation and start-up center in Mittweida that was established by TeleskopEffekt GmbH in cooperation with Volksbank Mittweida eG. It offers start-ups, established companies and freelancers modern workspaces, coworking spaces, event areas and a dynamic ecosystem for networking and innovation.

How and when was the Werkbank32 created?

Werkbank32 is the result of a visionary idea that became reality in order to promote digital transformation and innovation in the heart of Mittweida. The creation of Werkbank32 began with the desire of Volksbank Mittweida eG and TeleskopEffekt GmbH to create a space that makes innovation visible and supports it. The choice fell on an old laundry, which was transformed into a modern innovation center with a great deal of love and commitment. After three years of intensive planning and conversion work, Werkbank32 opened its doors in July 2021. Since then, it has been a vibrant place for creativity, exchange and growth, bringing together start-ups, established companies and creative minds under one roof.

Who is the workbench32 intended for?

Werkbank32 is aimed at start-ups, creative minds, digital nomads, freelancers, established companies and anyone who wants to work, network or develop their business ideas in an inspiring environment.

How can I book a workstation or room at Werkbank32?

You can book workstations or rooms directly via our website. There you will find information on availability, prices and equipment. You can also contact our team directly if you have any special requests or requirements. Coworking at Werkbank32 not only offers you a flexible and inspiring workplace, but also access to a broad network of like-minded people, potential partners and investors.

Can I use the Werkbank32 for events?

Yes, Werkbank32 offers various rooms for seminars, workshops, networking events and more. With modern equipment and flexible design options, it is the ideal venue for your event.

How is Werkbank32 connected to Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and the local economy?

Werkbank32 works closely with Mittweida University of Applied Sciences as well as local and regional economic players. These collaborations promote the transfer of knowledge, the development of innovative projects and strengthen the regional ecosystem. The proximity to the university and the cooperation with Volksbank Mittweida eG create synergies that directly benefit start-ups and companies.