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Startup toolbox: Building a digital business network with LinkedIn


Networking means establishing relevant contacts, exchanging ideas with like-minded people and supporting each other. However, there are many "sales posts", contact grabbers and automated contact requests, especially in the digital space. That's why Anne Meinhardt will show you how to network confidently and stylishly on LinkedIn, find relevant contacts and create a connection between your digital and analog network. We will [...]

Bank Innovative Day 2024

Workbench32 Bahnhofstraße 32 - 09648 Mittweida

It goes into the next round: Bank Innovativ Day 2024 - will take place on July 09 and 10, 2024 at Werkbank32 in Mittweida. Great speakers, top network, outstanding and innovative participants. We build on the great experiences of the last years and provide you with many innovative impulses and insights from and with the partners from our unique innovation ecosystem. Here you can find the video of the [...]

CARLO* Forum of Solutions - Securing the future through sustainability and innovation

Workbench32 Bahnhofstraße 32 - 09648 Mittweida

Why CARLO*? * CARLO stands for Hans Carl von Carlowitz, the innovative founder of sustainability, who worked very close to Mittweida. In the middle of Germany. In the heart of an innovation region with a great future. This is where the event will take place in the run-up to the European Cultural Region Chemnitz 2025. With the aim of sending out a signal at this time. Securing the future through sustainability [...]

The Spirit Day

DZ Bank Berlin Pariser Platz 3

Preserving values - organizing growth - growth through mergers Isn't everything in this world meant to grow and blossom (and later fade away or be disputed)? What if we combine growth and responsibility? Then our spirit must grow and our mind must change direction. Meet decision makers who positively embrace facets of growth [...].

E-Estonia Discover - A journey to the digitalization pioneer

Why go to Estonia? Estonia is fascinating! With only around 1.3 million inhabitants, it is one of the countries with the highest number of start-ups per capita. In the per capita ranking of unicorns, i.e. startups that are valued at a minimum of one billion euros at exit, it even ranks first worldwide with 10 unicorns. This success is based [...]