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Melanie Kögler

1TP6Networking virtuoso - connoisseur of all nodes in the ecosystem

Melanie Kögler

Melanie Kögler, in her role as ecosystem manager at TeleskopEffekt GmbH, shines as a dynamic 1TP6NetworkingVirtuoso. Her exceptional ability to navigate and maintain the extensive network of the ecosystem is essential to the success and sustainability of TeleskopEffekt. Melanie is a master at connecting the multiple nodes within the network, creating a vibrant and interactive community where knowledge and innovation flow. Her in-depth knowledge and commitment to building and maintaining these relationships is key to strengthening the synergies between banks, startups, SMEs and research.

As #MeopleMagnet Melanie has a natural talent for bringing people together. Ihe open and inviting nature of her work makes her a central point of attraction for thoughts, ideas and opportunities. Melanie has the rare gift of bringing the right people together at the right time to foster innovative solutions and collaborations. This ability to create productive and inspiring connections enriches the entire TeleskopEffekt ecosystem and contributes significantly to its dynamism and success.

Melanie is also a #RedeVeloCatedRevolutionarywhose words inspire movement and change. She uses her eloquent manner to spread ideas, motivate people and advance the mission of TeleskopEffekt GmbH. Her ability to communicate complex issues in an understandable and appealing way makes her a valued spokesperson and mediator within the ecosystem and beyond. Melanie ensures that TeleskopEffekt's voice is not only heard but also appreciated in the dialog around innovation and sustainability.

As the main person responsible for the TeleskopEffekt ecosystem and the central point of contact for partners, Melanie is at the heart of the networking work. Her cross-industry networking talent, coupled with her tireless commitment, motivation and friendly charisma, makes her an indispensable support. Her work not only helps to strengthen the existing network, but also opens up new avenues and opportunities for future cooperation. Melanie's energy, her eloquence and her unerring instinct for bringing people and ideas together are a real treasure for TeleskopEffekt GmbH and for all those who are part of its far-reaching ecosystem.