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Marion Mattern

#StartupStern - Navigating the galaxy of start-ups

Marion Mattern

Marion Mattern, StartupHub Manager at TeleskopEffekt GmbH, shines in her role as a true #StartupStar. With an exceptional ability to navigate the infinite expanses of the startup landscape, Marion guides founders and innovators safely through the challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurship brings. Her deep connection to the startup world, coupled with an instinctive understanding of new methodologies and trends, makes her an indispensable guide for anyone venturing into self-employment.

As a #ChatGPTChampion, Marion is at the forefront of technological innovation. Her expertise in dealing with AI and ChatGPT in particular allows her to switch fluently between the languages of technology and innovation. This ability enables her not only to understand technical innovations, but also to integrate them into TeleskopEffekt projects and startup consulting in a meaningful way. Marion's enthusiasm for technical innovation not only inspires the team, but also opens up new perspectives and opportunities for the entire startup community.

In her function as #CreativeCoordinator Marion brings a breath of fresh air and new ideas to the team. Her creative energy and sense for the potential in people and projects foster an environment, in which innovation can flourish. Marion is a master at recognizing and nurturing the individual strengths of her team members, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and collaborative success.

Marion is the main point of contact for founders, people interested in founding a company and investors and knows the start-up sector like no other. Her constant curiosity and openness to new innovations and solutions, coupled with her talent for cultivating harmonious relationships, make Marion a key figure in the TeleskopEffekt GmbH ecosystem. Her ability to find creative solutions and her commitment to the success of each individual startup contribute significantly to TeleskopEffekt GmbH's central role as an innovation partner for SMEs and startups. Marion's passion for startups, her expertise in the latest technologies and her creative coordination are a true asset to the team and the vision of TeleskopEffekt GmbH.