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Process design

Increase efficiency, promote innovation - your process design with telescopic effect.

Process design

Increase efficiency, promote innovation - your process design with telescopic effect.

Shape your digital process excellence

With customized solutions to increase efficiency and digital transformation.

Our goal is to, Making banks and financial institutions fit for the future through targeted process design. We use state-of-the-art technologies and methods to make your processes more efficient, faster and more customer-friendly. Our focus is on the sustainable integration of digitalization solutions in order to secure a tangible competitive advantage for you. 


APIMATCH - Automated customer system: Revolutionize your advisory process in corporate banking with apiMatch. Save time when creating and updating customers and concentrate on what really counts: your customers.


EffektTag processes: Experience a full-day workshop that will streamline your bank for efficiency and future-proof processes. Be inspired by our experts and develop a customized strategy for the digital transformation of your processes.


Fingentia - AI and data science for the financial sector: Use our expertise in AI and data science to analyze, optimize and automate your processes. Our solutions are designed to deliver measurable benefits and accelerate digital transformation.


From inspiration to implementation: Identify processes with optimization potential and establish process optimization as an ongoing topic. Our process model guides you from potential analysis through deep dive to operation and ensures seamless implementation and continuous improvement.

Dominik Baumann Managing Director

Pick up speed with MSTeams

For some, Microsoft Teams is just an upgrade of the email program.

But for forward-looking banks, it is much more than that:  

  • A Calendar boosterwhich simplifies organization and planning;  
  • a Cultural designerwhich redefines collaboration and cooperation within the company;  
  • a Knowledge managerthat makes information efficiently usable;  
  • one Secure IT solutionthat guarantees trust and data protection;  
  • a virtual spacethat enables encounters across distances;  
  • one digital learning platformwhich promotes continuous further training. 

Do you want to take off with MS Teams and lead your bank into the future? Discover our support offer for your MS Teams implementation now. 

AI UseCases Workshop

Immerse yourself in the world of artificial intelligence with our 1.5-hour digital workshop "KI.UsesCases.Banken".

This compact and focused workshop is your ideal starting point for working with AI. We aim to break down barriers and give you a clear idea of the areas in which AI can be used in your banking business.

In this short time, we will jointly localize potential areas of application for AI and discuss how AI can increase efficiency, improve customer experiences and enable innovative services. Our workshop is specifically designed to give you a practical insight and overcome skepticism towards new technologies.

Start with us into a future in which AI is not just a vision, but an integral part of your banking business. Take the first step into an intelligent banking world - we will accompany you on this exciting journey.

api Match

Discover apiMatch: The revolution in automated customer creation! With apiMatch, you can concentrate on the essentials in corporate customer business: your customers. While you are conducting the call, you start the live search in apiMatch and complete the creation of your customer, including all relevant documents, at the touch of a button.

Advantages of apiMatch at a glance:

  • Increased efficiencyRevolutionize your corporate client advisory process, save valuable time and offer first-class service at the same time.
  • Time savingAutomate customer creation and inventory updates to enable document retrieval and customer creation within one appointment - without follow-up appointments or phone calls.
  • Simple archivingSay goodbye to manual archiving. With apiMatch, filing takes place at the touch of a button directly in your electronic customer file.
  • Improved data quality: Benefit from real-time processing and automated systems in the system that significantly increase data quality.
  • Easy maintenance and updating: Keep your customer data up to date with minimal effort through simple clicks.
  • Process efficiencyOptimize the customer creation and inventory update process by automating non-value-added activities.

Ready for an efficiency revolution in your advisory process? Click now to learn more from Dominik about apiMatch and how it can transform your bank!

Effect day processes

Experience the EffektTag processes: Your springboard to an efficient future! In cooperation with a sustainable regional bank, we offer you a day full of inspiration, specialist knowledge and practical insights. Benefit from our many years of experience in process and organizational development and let our experts guide you through successful practical examples.

Discover what the EffektTag processes have in store for you:

  • Customized workshops: Immerse yourself in our individual workshop format, which is specially tailored to the needs of your bank.
  • Technological innovations: Gain insights into new technical possibilities and understand how artificial intelligence can revolutionize process optimization.
  • Practical solutions: Learn from concrete application examples and realize the potential of AI in your bank.
  • From inspiration to implementation: Identify processes with optimization potential and establish process optimization as a permanent topic in your company.

This intensive workshop day serves as a kick-off for follow-up formats that are tailored to your individual needs and priorities. Together, we will analyse your business processes, identify potential for greater efficiency and productivity and develop tailored solutions to optimize your processes.

Who is the EffektTag intended for? Bank board members, division heads and teams who want to make their bank efficient and fit for the future. Up to 12 participants can take part in this exclusive workshop day, which takes place at Werkbank 32.

Investment: 4.500,00€ net including room & technical costs and catering.

Are you ready to lead your bank into the future? Click now to find out more about the EffektTag processes and secure your place for a day full of impulses that will give your bank the decisive edge!

Increase efficiency, promote innovation

The time to act is now!

Seize the opportunity to make your bank fit for the future and take full advantage of the digital transformation.

We are ready when you are!


How can apiMatch increase the efficiency of customer advice?

With apiMatch you automate and accelerate the process of customer creation and portfolio updating. This leads to significant time savings and allows advisors to focus on the quality of advice and customer needs.

What can I expect from the EffektTag processes?

The EffektTag is an intensive workshop day that provides impulses for process management, presents successful practical examples and inspires new technical possibilities and AI in process optimization through individual workshop formats.

How can AI and data science advance my bank?

AI and data science offer enormous potential for process optimization. By analyzing and automating processes, you can increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Fingentia supports you in using these technologies in a targeted manner.

How do I identify processes with optimization potential?

As part of our services, we carry out a comprehensive potential analysis. We look at your existing processes, identify inefficiencies and work with you to lay the foundations for sustainable optimization.

How is the implementation of optimization measures supported?

From the initial analysis to operation, we support you with an established process model. This includes the conception of the software solution, the setup of the operating infrastructure, the pilot test as well as the rollout and go-live.

How is the success of the process design measured?

The success of our process optimization measures is measured using clearly defined KPIs that are determined before the start of the project. These include efficiency gains, cost savings, improvements in data quality and an increase in customer satisfaction.