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Employee management

Invest in people and they will invest in your company. Our comprehensive employee management program is the key to unlocking this potential.

Employee management

Invest in people and they will invest in your company. Our comprehensive employee management program is the key to unlocking this potential.

Employee management - The enabler for banking excellence

Discover how you can lead your bank into the future with the right team and a strong culture.

Our employee management approach for banks aims to strengthen the two cornerstones of a successful company: Talent acquisition and corporate culture.

We offer you customized solutions, from effective recruiting to creating an inspiring work environment that promotes diversity, innovation and engagement.


Excellence in recruiting: Use our expertise and tools to find and retain the right talent that fits your company culture perfectly.


Strengthen the corporate culture: Develop a culture that promotes innovation, motivates employees and increases engagement.


Diversity and inclusion: Find out how diversity and an inclusive mindset not only improve the working atmosphere, but also strengthen your team's problem-solving skills and creativity.


Designing modern working environments: Discover new working models and environments that increase flexibility, satisfaction and productivity.

Dr. Benjamin Zeitler Managing Director

Your bank job

Your ultimate resource for revolutionary recruiting

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, it's people who make the difference. "Dein Bankjob, a wholly owned subsidiary of Volksbank Mittweida eG, is at the forefront of this revolution by helping banks to not only attract employees, but to discover true talent that is a perfect fit for their corporate culture.

Why "Your bank job"?

We believe that successful recruiting goes far beyond sifting through CVs. It's about building a bridge between the unique values of your bank and the individual dreams of potential candidates. By combining a deep understanding of the banking industry with innovative recruiting strategies, we set new standards in employer branding and recruitment.

What you discover:

  • Targeted recruiting: Experience how customized employer branding strategies and a meticulous methodology turn the search for the perfect team member into an effective adventure.
  • Refreshing perspectivesLet yourself be inspired by our fresh approach that redefines recruiting in the banking world and makes it more exciting than ever before.
  • Unique corporate culture: Learn how a strong, authentic employer brand can make your company stand out in the market and attract top talent.
  • Successful team composition: Discover how working closely with "Dein Bankjob" can transform the recruitment process into a successful project that inspires everyone involved.

Service details:

"Dein Bankjob" offers a comprehensive service that ranges from developing a strategic employer brand to helping you create marketing materials and optimizing the visibility of your job postings. Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of your bank and attract the perfect candidates.

Contact us now and start the journey to your ideal team. Let's shape the future of your bank together with the best talent.

Spirit to the power of 3

Ignite a new spirit in your bank

With "Spirit hoch3" - your guide to a vibrant and value-oriented corporate culture. At a time when financial organizations need to evolve rapidly to stay relevant, we offer the keys to transforming your corporate values. Because true change starts with the values your team lives and breathes.

Why "Spirit to the power of 3"?

Many banks are facing the challenge that their traditional values and beliefs are hindering the much-needed transformation. "Spirit hoch3" is here to facilitate this change. We offer customized workshops that not only break down old ways of thinking, but also create new, dynamic values that will lead your bank into the future.

What you win:

  • Development and refreshing of basic values: Develop values that give your bank identity and direction.
  • Tangible values in your organization: Transform abstract values into tangible principles that your team can live by every day.
  • Energy and commitment: Our workshops are designed to release energy and give your team concrete instructions for implementing the values.
  • Sustainable anchoring: Through follow-ups, we ensure that the newly developed values are permanently anchored in the structures and routines of your bank.


New Work in the workbench32

Immerse yourself in the future of work with the TeleWerk in Werkbank32, our innovative real laboratory for sustainable and digital working environments. This pioneering project combines advanced construction methods with sustainable energy concepts and creates a space in which research, training and new forms of work go hand in hand.

Why TeleWerk? The TeleWerk stands for a new era in the world of work: sustainable, networked and future-oriented. With its unique combination of timber construction, concrete core activation and solar panels, it sets standards in terms of innovation and sustainability.

What you win:

  • Innovative and sustainable working environment: Experience how TeleWerk is redefining the future of work through innovative energy concepts and environmentally friendly construction.
  • Practical research and development: Take the opportunity to work on exciting projects on topics such as cyber security, IoT and renewable energy supply.
  • Flexibility and creativity: Discover flexible workspaces that promote creative and efficient work.

Are you ready to experience the working world of tomorrow today? TeleWerk offers you the perfect platform to work on innovative solutions for sustainable ways of living and working in a community of like-minded people. Become part of TeleWerk and shape the future with us. Contact us now for more information and to find out how you can get involved.

Are you ready to lead your team and your bank into a successful future?

Our employee management offering gives you the tools to not only attract talented employees, but also to create a culture in which they can thrive and contribute to the success of your business.


How can I ensure that I recruit the right talent for my bank?

The key lies in a tailored recruiting process that takes into account not only the professional qualifications, but also the cultural fit. Use tools and platforms such as "Dein Bankjob" to search specifically for candidates who not only have the required skills but also fit in with the values and culture of your bank.

How can I promote a strong corporate culture in my bank?

A strong corporate culture is based on clearly communicated values and goals. Workshops and initiatives such as "Spirit hoch3" can help to communicate and internalize these values. It is also important that managers exemplify this culture and that employees are involved in decision-making processes in order to promote a sense of belonging and motivation.

What can I do to improve diversity and inclusion at my bank?

Start by taking stock of the current situation with regard to diversity and inclusion. Diversity workshops can help to create awareness and promote dialog. Set clear goals and implement policies that promote diversity in all areas of the organization. It is also helpful to demonstrate diversity at senior levels to send a strong signal.

How can I motivate my employees and spur them on to top performance?

Motivation comes from recognition, development opportunities and the chance to make a meaningful contribution. Provide regular feedback, encourage training and career development and create an environment that celebrates innovation and creativity. Benefit cards and other perks can also help motivate employees.

How do I adapt my bank to the requirements of New Work?

New Work requires flexibility, digital tools and a culture of trust. Experiment with flexible working models, promote remote working and use digital platforms to facilitate collaboration and communication. The telework in the workbench32 can serve as a source of inspiration and a practical example.

How can I ensure that my employee management strategies are fit for the future?

Always remain open to new trends and developments in HR and employee management. Invest in continuous education and development of your HR teams and use feedback from employees to regularly evaluate and adjust strategies. Partnerships with experts such as Keller & Partner can bring additional perspectives and expertise.