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OnePager Lab

AI-supported software application for structured argumentation papers and creative process support

OnePager Lab is a company specializing in the development of an AI-supported software application designed specifically for the creation of structured argumentation papers and the support of creative processes. 

The main aim is to save time and ensure quality at the same time. The OnePager® methodology that the company can draw on is based on a broad knowledge of strategic argumentation. 

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The OnePager Lab addresses its support specifically to managers and communicators in the fields of business, science and politics. This group relies on the ability to change perspectives on a daily basis in order to make informed decisions and ensure successful interaction with their stakeholders. The main goal is to save time while ensuring quality. The OnePager® methodology that the company can draw on is based on a broad expertise in strategic reasoning.


The innovative combination of proven expertise and the use of advanced AI technologies enables OnePager to make workflows more efficient. The presentation of their MVP at the launch event was met with an extremely positive response from business representatives. This has already led to the acquisition of the first customers, including a pilot customer from the FMCG sector. The developers' core competence lies in transforming complex concepts into user-friendly applications, with particular emphasis on clear instructions and intuitive design. Whether briefings, decision papers or the creation of new products - OnePager Lab enables the rapid creation of high-quality documents and promotes creativity within the company. With OnePager Lab, you and your colleagues can effortlessly select suitable sources and create high-quality draft documents with just a few clicks.

Dominik Baumann Managing Director
Terra Institute
Terra Institute
Terra Institute