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Wood - the renewable key to regional development: Graz shows how it's done! 

vor 5 months | by Tanja Speck
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How Graz and the Werkbank32 quarter are building the future with timber architecture

At a time when sustainability and innovation are no longer just desires but necessities, wood is proving to be a material that elegantly combines both. Graz, known for its vibrant culture and innovative timber architecture, together with the pioneering project of the Werkbank32 quarter, demonstrates the transformative power of wood in regional development. ️

Graz: A city that speaks with wood 

Graz, with its historic beauty and modern architecture, has established itself as an epicenter of timber innovation. From stunning public buildings to intimate art installations, wood is the protagonist in a play that brings sustainability and aesthetics to the stage. The use of wood in architecture not only reflects a commitment to environmentally friendly building practices, but also promotes local economic cycles and strengthens the community.

The Werkbank32 quarter: timber buildings as a vision for the future 

Inspired by the innovative developments in Graz, the Werkbank32 quarter is a living testimony to how timber architecture and art can drive regional development. Since 2023, timber structures have been growing here that are more than just buildings; they are symbols of a sustainable future based on the principles of the circular economy, energy efficiency and social cohesion. These projects show how regional development can be shaped through the use of sustainable materials and technologies that not only benefit the environment, but also create economic and social added value.


Wood is more than just a building material; it is an expression of culture, a driver of the economy and a carrier of sustainability. Graz and the Werkbank32 quarter impressively demonstrate how the creative and thoughtful use of wood in architecture and art can promote sustainable regional development. These projects invite us to think beyond the conventional boundaries of urban planning and architecture and to consider wood as a key element in shaping our future.

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Join us on the fascinating Linz-Graz-Güssing journey and experience first-hand how wood is revolutionizing regional development. Discover how Graz is setting new standards with timber architecture. Come along and be part of this sustainable movement that shows that the future lies in our hands - and perhaps also in our forests.

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