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What is design thinking?

vor 3 years | from admin
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By definition, it is both a methodology and an approach. Design thinking aims to unleash as much creative potential as possible in all those involved in an innovation project in order to systematically solve complex problems or tasks.

The process is specifically geared towards the user by applying various methods. In this way, the user's perspective with their wishes, needs and goals is made visible to the innovation team and thus to the company.

The aim of design thinking processes in organizations and companies is the creative solution of a problem or task or the creative development of new products or business areas: In other words, an innovation!

An innovation does not always have to be an invention that radically changes the world as we know it. Meaningful innovations can also be "small". If, for example, teams develop an idea on how internal company procedures and processes can be made more effective or faster, this is definitely an innovation for a company that is worth investing in developing.

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