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The innovation ecosystem in Mittweida is growing with T-Systems

vor 3 years | from admin
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T-Systems becomes a strong partner of Volksbank Mittweida eG and our innovation incubator, Werkbank32

An ecosystem is growing around the Werkbank32 innovation center that brings together technology, innovation and expertise providers to shape the future of banks and SMEs. Initiated by Volksbank Mittweida and its subsidiary TeleskopEffekt, the list of partners includes some very well-known names. A brand new addition is T-Systems, the IT service provider of Deutsche Telekom. The players have now met in Mittweida to sign a joint cooperation agreement.

Two strong partners

This brings together two strong partners who have long believed in the power of digitalization and the importance of innovation. With a presence in over 20 countries, around 29,000 employees and revenue of 4.2 billion euros (2020), T-Systems is one of the world's leading providers of digital services headquartered in Europe. T-Systems supports its customers in their digital transformation and helps them to realize their full potential through digitalization. Marc Köhler, responsible for business with banks and insurance companies at T-Systems, is convinced that innovation cannot only be driven by large institutions. "We made a conscious decision to cooperate with Volksbank Mittweida. Because at the end of the day, it's the people who drive innovation," explained Köhler, "we are convinced that we have the same spirit and the same ideas in Mittweida and therefore have an ideal basis for cooperation."

Volksbank Mittweida eG and its CEO Leonhard Zintl are also convinced of this. With the subsidiary TeleskopEffekt and the Werkbank32 innovation center, he wants to collect precisely these innovative people and ideas. In recent years, he has made Volksbank Mittweida one of the most innovative institutions in the cooperative banking group "What one person cannot do alone, many can" - this quote from Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, one of the founders of the cooperative banks, is also the main motivation for Leonhard Zintl to further develop and expand the innovation ecosystem. "The world is increasingly complex and at the same time full of opportunities," emphasizes the CEO. "But we can only exploit the potential together."

Goals of the cooperation

The aim of the partnership is to make banks and SMEs fit for the future through joint activities. Together, the aim is to initiate and promote successful business models with initial reference projects. Exciting topics have already been identified in the kick-off workshop, for example in the areas of real estate management, digital banking processes, electronic signatures in internal and external relationships and the use of future technologies such as artificial intelligence or blockchain.

Naturally, this collaboration will be made accessible to a wide audience through joint formats and events. Dr. Benjamin Zeitler, Managing Director of TeleskopEffekt, emphasizes that the users of Werkbank32 will also benefit from this cooperation through events and access.

Marc Köhler is delighted with the partnership, as cooperation is the only way to survive in the modern world. Leonhard Zintl is also convinced that Volksbank Mittweida eG is on the right track. "With this cooperation, we want to create added value that no one could achieve alone. Then we will be efficient and well positioned for the future"   

We look forward to working together!

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