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Sustainable energy as a catalyst for innovative regional development - a model for the world 

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In a world that is increasingly facing the challenges of climate change and the need for sustainable development models, Güssing, a small town in Austria, shows how switching to renewable energy sources can not only be feasible but also economically beneficial. This success story, together with the efforts of Volksbank Mittweida and the innovative Werkbank32 district, is an impressive illustration of how energy is becoming a potential driver of regional development. 

Güssing: The lighthouse project for energy independence 

Güssing, once dependent on fossil fuels, has completely transformed itself and is now an international role model for sustainable energy production and use. By focusing on biomass, solar energy and other renewable resources, the town has not only drastically reduced its CO2 emissions, but also strengthened its economy.  

Inspired by Güssing's path, the Werkbank32 quarter and Volksbank Mittweida are driving forward the sustainable energy agenda. With projects ranging from the integration of renewable energy sources in construction to the establishment of energy cooperatives, they are setting standards in local and regional development. These initiatives show that the transition to a sustainable energy future not only makes ecological sense, but is also an economic driver for the region.  

Synergy effects and learning effects 

The story of Güssing, together with the innovative approaches of the Werkbank32 quarter and Volksbank Mittweida, shows that the combination of sustainable energy generation and regional development can create fruitful synergies. These projects are living examples of how the use of renewable energy can not only protect the environment, but also strengthen local communities and boost the economy.  


The transformation of Güssing proves that sustainable energy is more than just an environmentally friendly option; it is a key driver for the social, economic and ecological development of regions. These stories inspire us to see energy not just as a resource, but as an opportunity for a better future.  

Be there

Would you like to be part of this energy revolution? Join us on the exciting Linz-Graz-Güssing journey and experience how sustainable energy projects are reshaping the landscape of regional development. Come along and discover how you too can contribute to the future of energy.  

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