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Summer 2022: Book recommendations

vor 2 years | from admin
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Summer is here and we think so: Summertime is reading time! Our strong ecosystem partners have given us reading recommendations to inspire you with books/eBooks/audiobooks worth reading with Food-for-Thought.

How about an excursion into the exciting, mystical and mysterious world of Central Saxon legends? The collection of legends from the model project "Sagenhaftes Mittelsachsen" (Legendary Central Saxony) of the district of Central Saxony offers young and old all kinds of stories from almost every corner of the district. The book series was created in 2017 as part of the project together with the Fördergesellschaft Regio Döbeln e.v., the Kulturwerkstatt Waldheim and the Waldheim artist Werner Rollow. The aim is to show how diverse the history of our homeland is. Worth a trip for all adventure fans.

The books are available at the locations of the district supplementary library and in castles and palaces in the district, but can also be ordered. 

The collection of legends comprises two volumes with almost 200 exciting legends from all over Central Saxony and presents the cultural and historical diversity of the district. Mystical figures such as the Kempenjule, Prince Lieschen, mermaids, ghosts, robbers, knights and many more invite the reader to immerse themselves in times long past and unravel many a mystery and secret. 

In order to find out how the "old" stories can be combined with new ideas and offers for products and services, art, culture and more, the Economic Development Agency is currently overseeing the ongoing model project "Legendary Central Saxony". With think tanks, an ideas competition and a school project for "legendary discoverers", a wide range of measures are being developed to strengthen regional identities, establish new value creation impulses and also promote the voluntary commitment of residents. 

If you would like to find out more about the project, you can find all the information on the homepage

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This text was written in cooperation with the business development department of the district of Central Saxony.