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StartUp ecosystem: A bridge between Saxony and the USA 

vor 1 year | from admin
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Collaboration between start-ups and the global ecosystem is a crucial factor for economic progress and innovation. A delegation trip led by Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer explored exciting developments in the startup ecosystem. From PitchNight and the Step USA Program to inspiring conversations with founders active in both Germany and the United States, Saxony provides a platform for exchange and collaboration between entrepreneurs from both countries. 

A visit to Newlab - a space for innovation 

On the second day of the delegation trip, the Saxon delegation had the opportunity to visit the Newlab in Brooklyn. This industrial complex, once used for shipbuilding, now serves as a lively start-up and co-working space for over 900 entrepreneurs. These innovators work together to drive forward pioneering technologies, particularly in the fields of energy, mobility and materials. Remarkable parallels between Mittweida, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and Werkbank32 became clear. The exchange with Ralph Peter Mueller, an insider of the start-up scene, provided valuable insights into the transformation of formerly industrialized regions. 

The PitchNight and the Step USA Program - Opening the door to the USA 

On the third day of the trip, the exciting PitchNight of the Step USA program was attended, where Saxon start-ups with promising technologies and suitable business models presented their ideas. This event offers entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to enter the US market. Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH and IOSax - Internationalization Offensive Saxony offer valuable support here. Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and Werkbank32, part of Saxony's start-up ecosystem, are helping to build a bridge for start-ups to the USA. This initiative opens up undreamt-of opportunities and potential for start-ups to grow. 

Talks with founders: First-hand experience and insights 

Another highlight of the delegation trip was the exchange with various start-ups, including Ronny Timmreck, Christian Eichhorn, Manuela Hofmann, Iven Kurz and BiFlow Systems GmbH. These discussions provided deep insights into their business models and offered the opportunity to learn from their experiences. The dialog between German and US founders promotes the mutual transfer of knowledge and creates new opportunities for joint growth and innovation. 

Our summary

The delegation trip to New York showed that the exchange and cooperation between start-ups from Saxony and the USA offer promising potential for economic growth and innovation. The experiences of the founders, the exploration of start-up hubs such as Newlab and participation in the Step USA Program open up new horizons and promote the transfer of knowledge on an international level. The bridge between Saxony and the USA is becoming ever stronger through these activities and promises a promising future for the start-up ecosystem in Saxony.