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Review: Successful 3rd Startup Week Central Saxony & Startup Week Germany  

vor 8 months | from admin
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Coworking Day

A great agile day in the world of coworking! With 10 participants who explored the concept of mobile working and the exciting premises of Werkbank32. It was a pleasure to experience your interest. A big thank you to everyone who took advantage of this day to drop by and get a taste of coworking!  

Startup toolbox

A highlight of the day was definitely the session with Sebastian Hermeling. He shared his valuable experience in building efficient and effective teams. His tips on the dos and don'ts were particularly impressive: building tandems and the importance of self-reflection as a leader in order to clearly communicate your own contributions and expectations to the team. A big thank you to Sebastian for these insights! We wish you many fantastic experiences and insights on your upcoming trip around the world. 

Such an inspiring exchange is what makes our Startup community strengthens and advances. Let's continue to work together, learn and grow. Here's to many more successful events!

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