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Recap: Powerday Corporate Culture 2022 in Berlin

Exciting presentations, group workshops and plenty of time for networking
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How burning the topic Corporate culture The more than 50 board members, executives and decision-makers from the German banking worldwho met last week for the Powerday in the heart of Berlin, namely in the DZ Bank designed by Frank Ghery right next to the Brandenburg Gate and the German Reichstag.   

The large number of participants once again confirms that the Powerday from Spirit High3 has developed into one of the most important events in the German-speaking banking world on the subject of corporate culture.

The euphoria and joy of all those present was palpable, after the coronavirus lockdown had prevented us from getting together for over two years.  

Space for reflection and exchange

The Corporate Culture Powerday is organized by Spirit Hoch3. The organizers attach great importance to bringing the topic of corporate culture to the forefront of the management agenda. The event is also intended to provide a platform for exchange, inspiration and ideas and, last but not least, the necessary motivation for implementation in your own company. 

A strong corporate culture is characterized by mutual appreciation, trust and openness. The modern working world demands that these attributes must be at the forefront. Only in this way is it possible for the potential of employees to develop and unfold and thus contribute to the success of the company. 

The workbook that was handed out to each participant also states: "Business as usual" is a thing of the past. Super VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) requires a new quality of change that can no longer be planned and managed hierarchically. The simultaneous change required in digital, economic and sustainable dimensions must be accompanied - no, even more so - driven by cultural change. This requires energy, a mindset that thinks in terms of opportunities and is in love with action.  

Exchange at DZ Bank in Berlin

Top-class speakers

Patron of Spirit Hoch3 and Chairman of the Board of Volksbank Mittweida Prof. Leonhard Zintl opened the event with a brief introduction. "Digital transformation is not a trend that will pass, it needs people who set out and take on the challenges". He emphasized that digital transformation is not a sprint, but a long-distance run. 

Christian Rauscher, Managing Director of emotion banking and moderator of the event, was the first speaker to begin his presentation. With the topic "Turning point of culture", Rauscher addressed the past 24 months, which have changed the world. He emphasized that we need to pay just as much attention to corporate culture as we do to processes and regulation. Only with noticeably more joy. Transformation is the new day-to-day business, while hierarchical change is dead. Instead, pluralistically driven change is needed.  

Christian Rauscher then announced the next eagerly awaited speaker, none other than Salesforce's Chief Transformation Strategist - Central Europe, Frank Engelhardt. He spoke on the topic of "Success culture? DNA capable of change!". His three basic rules are: "Focus on values, align with priorities and, above all, be authentic." Salesforce has been working for years with its self-developed V2MOM strategy (Vision, Values, Mission, Objectives and Measures), which is a particularly effective management process. Once a year, all employees meet for a three-day intensive exchange to define the common direction for an entire year, true to the motto "what is on V2MOM, get's done!"

In his presentation entitled "Corporate culture as the operating system of transformation", CEO Carsten Jung explains how Berliner Volksbank has managed cultural change in recent years. 

"Cultural transformation starts on the board. That's why we took the time to gain a common perspective on the topic. We clarified our do's and don'ts when working together at the start," says Jung.

Berliner Volksbank has been on a comprehensive cultural transformation path since 2018. Since then, many effective measures have been implemented. Employees have been able to contribute their ideas and wishes directly. It is generally very important for employees to see what contribution they are making. They want to be seen and recognized. 

Because cultural transformation requires a high level of transparency, Berliner Volksbank also organizes an annual survey throughout the bank to evaluate the status quo anonymously. 

Important impulses for corporate culture

To conclude the presentations, Christian Rauscher had the pleasure of announcing Danja Lehner, Head of people experiance at the start-up Viewpointsystem. Her presentation was on the topic of "Corporate culture in remote times." 

First of all, Viewpointsystem was surprised by the gaps between the views of management and employees. In response to the workload, "Inspire Days" were introduced. These are 12 days a year that serve to clear the mind. Employees have the absolute freedom to do whatever they feel like doing. "For one person, this could be a day with the family, someone else starts a project or gets involved in a social task," says Lehner. Micro training courses have also been introduced. These are training courses that are designed to last just 1.5 hours and can be accessed remotely at any time. "In terms of content, we focus on social skills, for example conflict management or non-verbal communication". The aim is also to promote communication. 

Interactive group work

This text was written in collaboration with Matthias Heiss.