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Sustainability pioneer: Terra Institute

No future viability for cooperative banks and savings banks without the topic of sustainability. Learn directly from the pioneers of sustainable business processes in banks. We make you fit for the challenges of the future.
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We are all called upon to make our banks and companies sustainable. In a nutshell, there is no future viability without sustainability. 

But even though everyone is talking about this topic right now, more in-depth expertise is often missing from the discussion. That's why, in the interests of our ecosystem, we rely on a partner who has been actively working for well over a decade to change people, organizations and companies towards sustainable facilities. 

The Terra Institute was born in 2010 from the vision of Evelyn Oberleiter and Günther Reifer, two pioneers of sustainability who saw the need to reconnect the economic system with nature and its laws.

Why pioneer sustainability?

Over the years, the Terra Institute with an interdisciplinary team of experienced consultants, coaches and trainers, has established itself as a strategy consultancy and leadership institute throughout Europe, leading the way in the area of sustainability and the circular economy.

Terra Institute works alongside companies and institutions of all sectors and sizes, as well as destinations and countries, to support the ecological and sustainable transition towards a societal paradigm that ensures economic prosperity while improving ecosystems and social justice and peace. The Terra consulting approach is driven by systemic thinking, the struggle for depth of meaning and purpose, and an appreciation of relationships; it is characterized by innovative, emergent processes and the use of digital tools, such as Smart Terra Solutions.

Together, we want to support regional banks and make them fit. The TeleskopEffekt supports Banks and savings banks on their way to becoming drivers of sustainability in their respective regions. It is in the DNA of the cooperative idea and was already laid out this way by our founding fathers. As cooperative banks, we work from the region for the region and we do so in a healthy balance. A new focus on these core values will make us drivers of sustainability. We want to create the appropriate framework for this with the Terra Institute.

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