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Partial opening of Werkbank32 from September 28 to October 02, 2020

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The time has finally come! The innovation center of the city of Mittweida in Central Saxony has opened its doors. Digitization, innovation expertise for SMEs and startup support in the market entry phase are the top priorities here. With our supra-regional partners and versatile projects for entrepreneurs, cooperations, academics, start-ups, freelancers, digital nomads, authorities, innovative trendsetters, digitally savvy and generally interested people, we would like to inspire you too!

The opening of the villa (the 1st of 3 buildings in the complex) and the outlook for the activities in Werkbank 32 were celebrated. Gain an insight into the kick-off event on 28.09.2020 at:

In digital lunch talks from 11:45 to 13:00, viewers were given an insight into what is happening at Werkbank32. The program included:

Tuesday, September 29: Regional Digital- Transform!

IBM Germany Talk: Thinking of the region as a company - joining forces, harnessing digital power and exploring blockchain opportunities for the future.

Wednesday, September 30: THINK CROSS - hub for innovation in the SME sector!

How we find innovative solutions with new combinations. Impulses from Dr. Bernhard von Mutius.

Thursday, October 01: Start-up talk - Trust!

The successful startup founders Sebastian Friedrich from TinkerToys and Werner Kräutlein from WechselGott talk about their experiences.

Friday, October 02: The hacker in the living room - Protect!

How secure is your home office? Markus Straßburg from the Fraunhofer Cyber Security Learning Lab will illustrate this and more in his interactive presentation

We have recorded all the days for you in a video, which you can find on our YouTube channel:

Have fun watching.

We are now looking forward to great joint work and an intensive exchange at Werkbank 32.

Mittweida is the place to be!

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