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Our team continues to grow!

We are delighted to have Beate Hilbert, Torsten Brunner and Jens Herrmann on board!
vor 3 years | from admin
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TeleskopEffekt is your loyal companion through the challenges and continuous change in the banking and SME environment. Based on practical experience and a strong network, we work to make your to make company activities more innovative, efficient and customer-focused. In addition, both our innovation ecosystem and our team of innovators are constantly growing. With this in mind, we are delighted to welcome Beate Hilbert, Torsten Brunner and Jens Herrmann to our team!

Beate will be joining the Telescope Effect team on site from January 2022, providing targeted back-office support to our management team. Would you like to get in touch with our Managing Director? Then get in touch with Beateto make an appointment.

As a graduate in business administration with experience in (inter)national corporate cultures, I would like to Torsten be Knowledge from more than 18 years in the banking and real estate world to our telescope effect. Above all, his passion for real estate and curiosity about original project ideas are the driving forces behind his actions. Torsten is actively involved in the new project "TELEWERK" with the aim of designing innovative workspaces for the future. Read more about this project here.

Jens is an industrial engineer with many years of experience in the Advice on international markets and the development of technology start-ups. In the "SMEs" area, he will develop innovative products and business models together with the entrepreneurs. Jens also oversees the partnerships with Estonia. Would you like to know more? Then get in touch with Jens

We look forward to working with them and welcome Beate, Torsten and Jens. 

Do you have your own project idea that you would like to develop further in an innovative way?