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New ideas for Saxony's start-up ecosystem: the 2030 start-up strategy

vor 1 year | from admin
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How we took part in the workshop on Saxony's start-up strategy

The time has come for us to New start-up strategy to strengthen the appreciation of entrepreneurs and founders in our society. With the 2. Workshop on start-up readiness/possibility & mindset on 10.01.2023 in Chemnitz, we worked together to find ways to motivate more people to start a business.

We are proud to be part of the development of Saxony's start-up strategy. We moderated two panels on the topics of increasing the willingness to start a business/enhancing entrepreneurship and integrating a mentoring network.

There was a great deal of interest in this topic - a sign of how important this issue is in Saxony. We are pleased to be able to help implement this strategy and hope that our ideas can make a contribution and are confident that they will help to improve the situation. Promote start-up structure.

The first panel was about "Igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship - raising awareness of entrepreneurial activity at an early stage and enhancing the value of entrepreneurship in society". Here we would like to show in particular which Potential in Saxony and how these can be awakened and utilized. Because there are many people who want to start their own business but do not yet have the courage or the means to do so. We want to encourage these people and show them that there are also opportunities for them to realize their Dream of self-employment to realize this goal. We developed various measures for this purpose.

In the second panel "Female start-up founders and diversity in start-ups" in focus. In particular, we would like to draw attention to the fact that more and more women are venturing into self-employment. This is a trend that we welcome and want to support. After all, women often bring a different perspective and approach to the table and can thus bring new impetus to the economy. There should also be more opportunities and framework conditions for founders with a migration background to implement their ideas and be successful.

In the 3rd panel, we discussed measures for preparing and founding a company. Access to high-quality mentors to make them available. After all, the professional expertise, networks and contacts are enormous advantages for founders to overcome hurdles and advance their idea in a structured manner.

Another building block is the Transfer of science and business to produce. In this way, the great potential of universities can be utilized so that innovative ideas can be easily implemented and more young people have the courage to take entrepreneurial action.

In summary you can learn: The 2nd workshop "Start-up Readiness / Opportunity & Mindset" was the perfect place for all visionaries and innovators on their way towards entrepreneurship: Thanks to the whole team of futureSAX around Marina Heimann for the great preparation and organization of the workshop. Let's keep the Take the initiative and try to work together on solutions - so that we can support more young people in developing their entrepreneurial ideas!