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Motivated into the new year: discover your own potential with our workshops and experience digital transformation up close! 

vor 6 months | from admin
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A new year means new possibilities, new opportunities and above all: a fresh start! We at TeleskopEffekt are ready to conquer this year together with you and realize your goals. We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve great things and we want to support you in reaching your personal and professional goals. 

Workshops that inspire: 

Our workshops are designed to provide you with new ideas and skills that will give you a head start in your professional and personal life. Whether it's teamwork, leadership skills or personal development, our experts are on hand to inspire and motivate you. 

For example, discover the fascinating story of Dr. Joseph Heß, a long-distance swimmer and head of the Accelerator at Chemnitz University of Technology, who will provide insights into the connection between athletic discipline and entrepreneurial success as part of our Startup Toolbox on January 19, 2024, from 12:00 to 13:00. [Link to registration

Experience digital transformation up close: E-Estonia - Travel with us! 

The adventurers among you can also look forward to an exciting trip again this year. Discover the digital pioneer country Estonia! Entrepreneurs have been invited by the May 22 to 25, 2024 the chance to experience the pinnacle of digital innovation.  

Register now and make 2024 your year and explore the future! [Link Estonia trip

Achieving great things together: 

The year 2024 lies before us like a blank sheet of paper, ready to be filled with our stories, successes and adventures. We invite you to make this your year by challenging yourself, overcoming your limits and achieving great things together with us. 

Let's tackle, learn, grow and triumph together. Because together we are strong, and together we can achieve any goal we set ourselves. 

Get started now and make 2024 your year of success!