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Mittelstand inside: Fit for the future - Step 1: Stocktaking

vor 3 years | from admin
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Business model innovation, service innovation, technology innovation, process innovation - in order to be able to admire the bouquet of innovations in your own garden, we believe that a status quo analysis is required first and foremost: What are the site conditions like? What is the orientation? What is the condition? What additional resources are needed?

Especially when it comes to initiating digital solutions or expanding their own product range through technologies (such as artificial intelligence, robotics), small and medium-sized companies should evaluate / scan the following fields beforehand:

- Management and strategy: How important are digital elements for our company?

- Organization and innovation: How important are innovations and changes for employees?

- Technology and infrastructure: How important is data management?

- Market and customers: What points of contact are there with customers, suppliers, etc.?

TeleskopEffekt GmbH has developed a FutureScan in cooperation with the Innovation Center for Industry 4.0 precisely for this inventory and the corresponding fields.

The digital scan assesses their future viability and is just a click away:

For banks and for SMEs