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Linking digitalization and company succession

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By the year 2030, around 1 to 1.6 million companies in Germany to the next Generation handed over will be. This corresponds to around 40 percent of all companies in Germany. Studies also estimate that around 70 % of these companies be passed on within the family.

Owners of small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are faced with the challenge of Challenges facedThe main issues are the preparation of a succession, the emotional letting go and the fit with those interested in succession. Irrespective of this, entrepreneurs point to a low level of awareness among specialists for company succession and insufficient formats for meeting successors.

Complexity of company succession
For Germany as a business location, ensuring business continuity within the framework of a suitable business succession plan has always been and will continue to be a top priority.
one of the most pressing strategic challenges. Company succession is a complex process, and not just because of the different groups of people involved. Different horizons of experience, specific timelines and diverse ideas need to be juggled while taking into account the stable corporate culture and value system of the company, which has often been built up over decades. The interfaces between the responsibilities of, for example, house banks, tax consultants, lawyers and associations are diverse. The entrepreneurs and successors are at the center of all processes.

In the Article of the PT-Magazine Prof. Alexander Knauer and Dr. Julia Breßler report on the Important link between digitalization and company succession. They provide specific recommendations and assistance for these and other hurdles in the succession process.

Have a read! It is informative for companies and those interested in succession. Here to the Article

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