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Kick-off of the KI event series

vor 2 years | from admin
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The Saxon State Chancellery has set itself the goal of Exchange between various AI stakeholders in Saxony and to intensify a Series of events to do just that. This series of events kicked off on March 30 with us in the innovation and start-up center Workbench32 took place in Mittweida. The event was organized not only by the Saxon State Chancellery, but also by Volksbank Mittweida, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and TeleskopEffekt. The combination of Volksbank, university and start-up center stands for application-oriented researchthat creates knowledge for the future of the region and the entire state. This fruitful combination is a hallmark of AI expertise in Mittweida. 

The event was opened by State Minister Oliver Schenk, who presented the newly developed AI strategy for Saxony. This was followed by inspiring words of welcome from Prof. Leonhard Zintl, Managing Director of TeleskopEffekt, and the Rector of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. phil. Ludwig Hilmer, who introduced the Workbench32 as a "house of creative intelligence" described.

The focus was on two keynote speeches, one of which Scientific foundations and once Application examples of AI presented: Prof. Dr. Thomas Villmann explained to around 40 participants what is meant by smart and interpretable AI at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and why it is necessary. Villmann is head of the Institute for Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning (SICIM) at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and has also advised the Saxon state government on its AI strategy. SICIM is a pioneer in Saxony for interpretable AIwhich promises greater plausibility and transparency, more trust and acceptance among users. 

From Developer view then presented Kai-Uwe Kaden from FusionSystems in Chemnitz various examples of the Use of AI in the area Automation and mobility. Finally, Dr. Konstantin Pötschke from the Saxon Ministry of Economics, Labour and Transport (SMWA) presented Support options for AI projects in the Free State, before the impulses at the three theme tables "AI in the Science", "Best practice from the Economy" and "Support of the Free State" were recorded and discussed. 

The meeting in Mittweida marked the Prelude to further regional events in Saxony on the topic of AI. The AI strategy for the Free State of Saxony was presented for the first time at the first AI Congress of the Free State of Saxony in Leipzig on September 10, 2021. Prof. Dr. Alexander Knauer and Prof. Dr. Thomas Villmann were represented on the podium there.

If you are interested in the The topic of AI for your company and competent advice then please contact us with us!

The Presentations at the AI networking meeting to watch on Youtube. 

The AI strategy of the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences for download. 

Information on the AI strategy of the Free State of Saxony and the planned events.   

This text was written with the kind support of Jannik Hehemann and in cooperation with Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.