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Get to know the Startup Nation Israel! 

#startupnation #telaviv #inspiration
vor 3 years | from admin
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#startupnation #telaviv #inspiration

Last week, our Managing Directors Prof. Dr. Alexander Knauer and Dr. Benjamin Zeitler were presented with the Rulebreaker Society get to know the Startup Nation Israel. 

Not only did they meet 16 start-ups and scientists from the Tel Aviv Universitybut also learned a lot about the spirit and mindset in Tel Aviv. The innovative, open and optimistic climate for people and companies is unique. It is deeply impressive how people have made the most of opportunities in difficult circumstances. For example, the TeleskopEffekt team was able to experience how the #Foodtech things are now possible that we could not have imagined ten years ago. #ScienceFiction-world.

We will certainly also bring one or two ideas, connections and investments to Mittweida. 

Thanks to Sven Gabor Janszky and oliver blume from the Rulebreaker Society, who made this event possible. Special thanks go to Yair Scher for the professional preparation and support. 

One thing is certain after this trip: we will certainly be back in Tel Aviv more often and initiate one or two future projects. 

#mindset #startups #future