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German Startup Monitor 2022

On September 29, 2022, the Federal Association of German Startups presented the German Startup Monitor 2022 (DSM) in collaboration with PwC.
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The Federal Association of German Startups is 10 years old!

On 29.09.2022, the Federal Association of German Startups in cooperation with PwC presented the German Startup Monitor 2022 (DSM). First of all, "Happy Birthday" to the federal association on its 10th anniversary!

The DSM serves as the engine room of the startup scene. With around 2,000 startups surveyed, around 4,800 founders and almost 35,000 employees, the DSM is one of the central studies for Startup ecosystem to map. Due to the relevant statistics, it also serves as a basis for entering into discussions with politicians and continuing to work on the challenges.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Kollmann from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Franziska Teubert from the Startup Association and Florian Nöll from PwC Germany presented the key findings:

1. First the good news - the proportion of female founders rises to over 20% for the first time!

Regardless of the increase in numbers, female founders are underrepresented and we can make even more of this potential.

2. The topic of ecology is becoming increasingly important

Almost half of the start-ups surveyed classify themselves as part of the "green economy".

3. The topic of "artificial intelligence" continues to grow

Here too, almost half of the start-ups (45.1%) describe AI as playing a central role in their business model. Other topics are Industry 4.0 and IoT.

4. corporate venture capital (CVC) is of great importance for strengthening start-ups

Almost a third of VC-financed start-ups use CVC. An important advantage lies in enhancing their reputation and gaining access to expertise with which the startups surveyed are satisfied.

5. high capital requirement

Two thirds of start-ups will require an average of € 3.1 million in capital in the coming year. Every second startup will require capital of € 2 million or more.

6. now more the challenges - the crisis is also reaching the startup world

The business climate is deteriorating in the start-up scene. However, start-ups are holding up well and are able to respond well thanks to their speed and flexibility. In this sense: "There are no bad times for good ideas."

7. shortage of skilled workers plays a major role

A third of the teams surveyed describe personnel recruitment as a key challenge. This number has doubled in the last two years.

8. business angels are rarely founders

Only 14.2% of founders act as business angels themselves. The proportion is higher for serial founders.

9. potential with B2G

Three quarters of start-ups would like public procurement to be simplified. Only around 14% have managed to obtain public contracts.

10. and politics?

Almost 90% of DSM respondents want faster and simplified administrative processes to strengthen the ecosystem.

If you would like to take a look at all the statistics, you will find here the entire DSM 2022.

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