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German Spring - a celebration of friendship between Estonia and Germany

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This year's German Spring (Saksa Kevad) will take place between April 5 and May 9 - a program that ranges from cultural events to the presentation of Germany as a research and business location and gives a federal state the opportunity to present itself in Estonia every year. In 2023, Saxony can seize this opportunity and represent Germany as an interesting, creative, modern and diverse country. Estonia and Germany share not only a common history and culture, but also long-standing friendly relations in the fields of business and politics. To celebrate and further develop this close partnership, the German Spring was launched, in which German organizations together with Estonian partners promote German-Estonian relations in a variety of areas such as culture, education, language, business and politics. For example, the program includes small performances by the Saxonia Freiberg Mountain Music Corps in Tallinn city centre, as well as a small cinema film series, interesting lectures and information events, and literature and language competitions. If you would like to find out more about individual program items, please visit the website at:

We at TeleskopEffekt also maintain close ties with Estonia, as we are very enthusiastic about Estonia's digital progress. For this reason, we opened an office in Tallinn in October 2019 in order to be at the forefront, receive important impulses and be able to understand and learn from the practical implementation of digital strategies. In order to share these experiences from Estonia, we have set up the D(e)- Estonia Showroom in Werkbank32, where original Estonian formats are presented.

We also regularly organize Learning Journeys to Estonia, which offer you the opportunity to experience Estonia as a pioneer in Europe in terms of digitalization and receive new innovative impulses through an extensive program of lectures, company visits, culture and networks. The next Learning Journey starts on October 25, 2023 - it's worth taking part!

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