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Experience Estonia - The lure of the north

vor 3 years | from admin
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The northernmost state in the Baltic States is not only worth a trip in terms of digital progress - Estonia's many facets attract numerous travelers on an exploration tour every year. This article will explain why the destination is still considered an insider tip among travelers.

The contrast between lively Tallinn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its modern architectural monuments such as the well-preserved Old Town and the sparsely populated, densely wooded "hinterland" seems to be one of the main reasons for a trip to the north.

But first a brief overview of the most important points: Estonia's climate is similar to that of the other Baltic states - very cold winter months alternate with pleasantly warm summer months. Brown bears, deer and even moose feel at home in this Nordic, maritime climate and can be found in the famous Lahemaa National Park. Crystal-clear lakes, rivers, moors and extensive forests make up the landscape here. In contrast, the capital Tallinn stands for advanced infrastructure, modern monuments and digitalization.

For nature lovers, Estonia, with 52% of forest cover, is just the place to feel free and escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. The over 2000 islands and especially "Saaremaa" are also a must-see for many vacationers.

If you are more interested in cities, especially old towns, you should definitely take a look around Tallinn - whether strolling along the cobblestones of the old town, going into one of the numerous medieval stores, visiting the oldest pharmacy in Europe or looking at old monuments is always worth a trip through the small alleys that lead into the old town of Tallinn.

The prices that tourists have to pay during their stay also seem moderate - food and hotel rooms are generally cheaper than in Germany. This definitely invites you to drink a "Saku" more or to try some of the many well-known sweets (Mõnus maius, Kalev chocolate, Kamatahvel etc.).

With cheap direct flights from Berlin or Frankfurt, it is not only easy to fly north, but also relatively quick: a flight from Germany to Tallinn airport takes around 2 hours. There, as in the country, you can converse very well in English, with some Estonians even in German. Russian and German are offered as foreign languages at most Estonian schools.

Estonia thus offers nature and city lovers a destination full of contrasts that they will not soon forget!

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Created by: Tim Wende, employee of Volksbank Mittweida eG