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Expanding the workbench32: TeleWerk as an innovation platform

vor 8 months | from admin
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Werkbank32 - our established innovation quarter - is undergoing an exciting expansion. The new TeleWerk building marks another milestone in innovation and sustainability.

TeleWerk: A real laboratory for the future

TeleWerk, the real-world laboratory in Mittweida, stands on a stable foundation of concrete core activation. Not only literally, but also figuratively, it stands on a solid and sustainable foundation. Here, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences is pooling its own expertise with strong partners, including the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI in Dresden and Volksbank Mittweida eG. The support of the Saxon State Ministry for Regional Development (SMR) as part of its simul+ initiative underlines the importance of this project.

Focus on buildings with innovation

The special feature of the TeleWerk building is already visible during its construction. An innovative timber construction method is being used to minimize the CO2 footprint. Regional timber construction experts have been busy erecting the stud frame for this future real-world laboratory since September 26.

Project manager Professor Volker Tolkmitt expresses his delight: "With the construction of the wooden shell with mounted solar panels now beginning, we can now see what will be special here: a building that is holistically and sustainably dedicated to people and the environment. How we shape working and living conditions in rural areas in the future with the demand for sustainability and the availability of secure digital technologies are fundamental questions for the future of our region. With Telewerk, we want to provide answers that we develop and test on an ongoing basis. And I cordially invite you to experiment with us."

TeleWerk: Simply More

TeleWerk will become an integral part of the "Werkbank32" site at Bahnhofstraße 32 in Mittweida and part of the university campus. As an experimental platform, it not only offers variable space for new forms of work, but also for practical research and training. Topics such as the cyber security of digital infrastructures, Internet-of-Things networking, regenerative energy supply and social science issues relating to teleworking and sustainable forms of living in rural areas are researched and put into practice here.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Klingner, Director of the Fraunhofer IVI, emphasizes the importance of the project: "Building in a way that conserves resources and operating buildings sustainably is a challenging technical issue. People will only be happy to accept these innovations if they succeed in transforming the simple and functional into an aesthetically pleasing form. Let TeleWerk be a striking example of this."

Sustainable construction and innovative energy concepts

TeleWerk is not only built on a solid foundation, but also integrates innovative energy concepts. Concrete core activation enables thermal energy to be stored for cooling or heating the building. The visible parts of the building are made of renewable wood, a CO2-binding raw material, in contrast to concrete. The timber construction makes optimum use of solar radiation. Optimized load management and decentralized energy storage contribute to energy efficiency. TeleWerk is therefore not only an innovative building, but also an energy pioneer.

Topping-out ceremony and first presentation soon

Thanks to the timber construction method, TeleWerk is growing particularly quickly compared to conventional construction with concrete and brickwork. The topping-out ceremony will be celebrated soon. On December 7, you will have the opportunity to discover TeleWerk and its future possibilities on site. The Saxon State Ministry for Regional Development (SMR), Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and its partners will be presenting this pioneering project to the public and cordially invite you to attend.

TeleWerk and the expansion of Werkbank32 are not only a benefit for Mittweida and the region, but also an example of how innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand. We can look forward to seeing what future developments and projects emerge from this.

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