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Cybersecurity for companies

Dialogue forum "Cybersecurity - perspectives from business, science and politics"
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On Monday, 14.11.2022, a dialog forum with partners, specialists and experts took place at Werkbank32 in Mittweida. 

Volksbank Mittweida, in cooperation with Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and the platform Digital security for SMEs This event helped to share the latest knowledge, raise awareness of the dangers of cyber attacks and, above all, provide starting points for active risk management. Everyone agreed: there is no question about it, whether you get hacked, but when. That is why it is called prepared be!

The following speakers contributed to the discussion with their impulses:

– Prof. Thomas PoppState Secretary for Digital Administration and Administrative Modernization, Member of the State Government and Commissioner for Information Technology of the Free State of Saxony

Frauke GrevenHead of the Digital Agency Saxony (DiAS)

Prof. Ronny BodachMittweida University of Applied Sciences 

– Philip Saladin: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Cybersicherheit GmbH & Co. KG

The threat level for companies from cyber attacks has never been so high and at the same time so complex. This was also made clear by practical examples at the SME Day 2022. News about data breaches and successful hacker attacks can be found in the media almost every day, but these only represent a fraction of what is really happening. 

Cyber attacks are No abstract dangerbecause attacks take place silently and invisibly - only the most serious ones are detected. Consequences are clearly noticeable. Cyber attacks on baby food manufacturer Hipp, automotive supplier Continental, chambers of industry and commerce and public administrations. Not a day goes by without a report of threatening cyber attacks. Digital security/ cyber security is without exception relevant for ALL.

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