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Skills for company succession - How can ecosystems provide support? 

vor 2 years | from admin
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This year's succession forum was all about skills. On October 4, 2022, experts from politics, science and business discussed with our Nexxt Mittweida project team about 

- What skills do successors need for a goal-oriented takeover?

- What skills do owners need to be successful in the succession process and after the handover?

- What skills are needed in the company to be transferred to ensure that the takeover/transfer is a success?

This came together in the question: 

How can ecosystems (of associations, chambers, banks, universities) adequately support owners and successors? 

And who better to answer these questions than owners and successors themselves? As a highlight of the succession forum, Juliane Ulbricht and Dr. Heike Fischer reported honestly and inspiringly about their successful handover/takeover - about their stumbling blocks, their milestones, their successes - about the highs and lows in the succession process. Ms. Ulbricht and Ms. Chromik took over the tradu4you company from Dr. Fischer in 2019, after the decision was made at the end of 2014. 

The Nexxt Mittweida team then enriched the discussion about important skills by presenting the results of their potential study. The study confirmed the statement that social skills and an affinity for the professional orientation of the company to be handed over are essential for successors. In addition, the will of the person handing over the business is the decisive attitude that makes succession processes successful. 

In the ensuing discussion, a grid was developed for the succession skills that enrich the work of the various ecosystems. These are, in particular, courage, experience with people management, adaptability, the right mindset, motivation and flexibility, and ambition. 

Would you like to find out more? Please send us a message to receive the competence grid. 

Nexxt Mittweida is funded until 11/2023 as part of the initiative "Company succession - from practice for practice" by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.