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Citizens' forum in the WB32

On the nationwide Digital Day on June 24, 2022, a citizens' forum was held at Werkbank32, initiated by the Volksbank Mittweida community foundation.
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Under the motto "#Medien:kompetent", the Volksbank Mittweida community foundation is supporting the media skills and media expertise of various target groups - including, for example, senior citizens, children and young people - for a whole year. Werkbank32 is offering a variety of events on this topic. These include the Citizens' Forum on Digitalization Day. 

After the opening of the Citizens' Forum, the participants in the "Digitalization driver's license for senior citizens" training series were presented with their digitalization driver's licenses by the Mayor of Mittweida, Mr Ralf Schreiber. Mr. Schreiber is also a member of the board of trustees of the community foundation. 

The Bürgerform enabled participants to exchange ideas about digital products and new media and try them out for themselves. For example, visitors embarked on a VR journey to Estonia, starting at the market square in Tallinn by riding a unicorn. Another station dealt with security on the internet - in social media and when making payments. The relevant topic of online banking was also highlighted and explained with a live demo. At the third station, the paths into the digital world were presented by highlighting the Internet of Things (IoT), digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI) using everyday examples. 

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