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Advancing the region through innovation

TELEWERK is a pioneering real-world laboratory for innovation-based regional development.
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Together with the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (Prof. Dr. Tolkmitt)the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI (Prof. Dr. Klingner), which Volksbank Mittweida (Prof. Zintl) and the Holzbau Lepski GmbH are we, the Telescope effectthe call of the Future initiative simul+ "Real-world laboratories for innovation-based regional value creation" and have joined forces with the Real laboratory TELEWERK applied. We are delighted that we convinced the jury with our concept and were awarded a Promotion of € 500,000 received.

With TELEWERK we will:

- Designing innovative workspaces for the future that improve regional living conditions
- Involve local entrepreneurs to strengthen regional value creation

TELEWERK supports an experimental platform that uses the Internet of Things and regenerative energy supply to set up and operate innovative tele-workshops. The result is a Functional building with minimal CO2-Footprint and maximum cyber security.

This is how TELEWERK a pioneering real laboratory for Innovation-based regional developmentwhich from 2022 in Mittweida and can be used as a blueprint for other regions.

This measure will be implemented with Tax revenue on the basis of the Saxon State Parliament co-financed by the approved budget. The Saxon State Ministry for Regional Development (SMR) supports the project as part of the Future initiative simul+.

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