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1 year MutOffensive Podcast

We are celebrating 1 year of the MutOffensive podcast! Every 2 weeks we present a new podcast from the fields of innovation, digitalization and sustainability.
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Twice a month, our colleague Julia invites guests to a relaxed talk about innovation, digitalization and sustainability topics.

Last year, we got to know various methods and discussed the need for digital skills. We looked to the future and discussed sustainable approaches. With the podcast, we want to encourage people to tackle things, break new ground and embrace change. 

So listen in - you can find the podcast on various podcast platforms - Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Anchor,

Overview of the podcast episodes:

Courage1: Platform economy (with Dr. Laura Stiller)

Courage2: The first step - professionalizing ideas (with Lisa Hegemann)

Courage3: Grasping sustainability (with Marian Käding)

Courage4: Creative through fiction (with Julen Bucher)

Courage5: Courage of Generation (wh)Y (with Alina Vogel)

Courage6: Sharing Economy - Courage to Share (with Anja Herrmann-Frankhänel)

Courage7: Bionic - Learning courage from, with and by nature (with Kim Y. Mühl)

Courage8: The courageous (corporate) culture (with Candy Meinunger)

Courage9: New sustainable ideas for established fields (with Angela Grimmer)

Courage10: With courageous steps into the future (with Christopher Patrick Peterka)

Courage11: Innovation processes - reaching the goal with energy (with Maro Rudolf)

Courage12: Coaching for (more) courage (with Theo Bergauer)

Courage13: Career anchors of founders (with "Sam" Marcel Nagler)

Courage14: Visualization of ideas (with Marlena Haberkorn)

Courage15: Making the future 2022 simple (with Prof. Leonhard Zintl)

Courage16: Openness as a promise of success for new developments - Open Innovation (with Dr. Tina Müller)

Courage17: Digitally Competent (with Dr. Philipp Ramin)

Mut18: Team composition and team building (with Dr. Christian Kastner)

Mut19: Design Sprint (with Marion Mattern)

Courage20: Agile mindset (with Matthias Winter)

Courage21: Tax consulting 2030 (with Florian Brunner)

Mut22: Building technology in the age of smart living and smart working (with Ernst-Eckart Schulze)

Mut23: CoWorking in the year 2025 (with Anna-Mareike Voss)

Courage24: Risk affinity (with Rodney Younce)

Would you like to talk about what gives you courage?