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Excursion to Austria - Potential drivers of regional development

🌍 We are on the threshold of an exciting expedition! TeleskopEffekt GmbH, in cooperation with Volksbank Mittweida eG, is organizing a technical excursion to the heart of Austria. Join us in Linz, Graz and Güssing - a journey that focuses on the pillars of culture, wood and energy. 

🎭 Linz - Culture in motion: Immerse yourself in the diversity of cultural projects in the Capital of Culture 2009 and experience how Linz combines creativity and innovation to drive social and economic development. 

🌲 Graz - Wooden architecture that inspires: Admire the fascination of wooden architecture and art in Graz. Find out how sustainable materials and creative design come together to create impressive works that are both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. 

🔋 Güssing - Energy communities of the future: Discover innovative energy solutions in Güssing and how local energy communities work in theory and practice. Learn how sustainable energy can strengthen the local economy and contribute to environmental protection. 

💡 Added value for you: This tour is more than just a trip; it is an opportunity to learn, network and take away inspiring ideas for your region. Whether you work in regional development, banking or the sustainable economy, this excursion will provide you with insights and contacts that will enrich your work. 

Preliminary program: 

Previous day (21.04.): Trip from Mittweida to Kemnath & joint kick-off  

Day 1 (22.04.):   

Day 2 (23.04.): 

Day 3 (24.04.): 

Price: 890 € (plus VAT) includes admission to all events, workshops and company tours as well as transfers during the trip. 

Please note that the excursion will take place if 15 people take part. 

Application deadline: up to and including 03.04.2024