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What makes sustainability tick

Sustainability is on everyone's lips.
The sustainability problem in general and the climate problem in particular present mankind with completely new challenges. There is no blueprint for overcoming them.


Old ways of thinking and behaving no longer work. We have to recreate the world, so to speak.
And we see companies with their innovative strength and creativity as drivers of change.
We are therefore increasingly reluctant to talk about sustainability, replacing the term with "modern corporate management".
Genuine corporate sustainability shifts the perspective from trying to reduce one's own negative impact to the ambition of creating a genuine positive impact for society and the environment. In his presentation, Felix Pliester brings together the big picture with the basics for your business transformation.

Speaker: Felix Pliester (Terra Institute GmbH)

As a qualified transformation designer and business information scientist with over 10 years of professional experience in organizational development, Felix Pliester brings with him a wealth of experience in the realignment of companies. He is responsible for the Terra Institute location in Mittweida and supports companies in their transformation process towards a cycle-oriented and purpose-driven company. His passion lies in bringing together different skills and teams.


via Terra Institute GmbH:

Terra Institute is a competence center for the development and implementation of sustainability and innovation in companies and society. Through consulting, coaching, training and research, the Terra Institute is committed to providing impetus for the development of a new sustainable economy. Individual and organizational awareness is an essential path to truly sustainable and future-oriented entrepreneurship. We accompany and support not only people on their individual development path, but also companies in their organizational development with their strategic orientation, structures, processes and culture.

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