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Discover the future of the customer investment process: apiMatch

How time-consuming is your customer installation process?

Would you like to say goodbye to time-consuming and tedious processes when creating customer accounts? Higher data quality with less paperwork, so to speak?

Optimize your customer investment processes and increase data quality!

There is a solution for this: apiMatch! With apiMatch, you can concentrate on the essentials and save valuable time by automating non-value-adding tasks.

How does apiMatch work?

apiMatch uses API interfaces and Automates data acquisition and archivingresulting in higher data quality and less paperwork. Previously, many banks were involved in tedious procedures for processing customer assets, requesting documentation, reviewing documents and scheduling data processing. This process was not only time-consuming, but also carried the risk of errors.

apiMatch simplifies and speeds up this process considerably. During the customer meeting, you can perform a live search with a single click and retrieve all MLA-relevant data. You can then view the register documents. The system automatically creates the customer and archives the documents.

With apiMatch, you can make your customer systems MLA-compliant from the very first appointment and increase data quality. And the best thing about it? The customer no longer needs any documents!

Ready for a revolutionary change in your customer data management?

Register now for our webinar on March 7 and find out how apiMatch can optimize your processes. Take this opportunity to save time, reduce errors and increase your data quality.

Register today and be part of the digital revolution!

Our speakers:

Jessica Hänig (Volksbank Mittweida eG) and Dominik Baumann (TeleskopEffekt GmbH)


For questions or for further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:


We look forward to welcoming you to the webinar!